Over the past 10 years there’s been peace.  Peace earned by heroes, untiring in their efforts to rid the world of ultra-powered villains.  With no threat to combat, the heroes moved on shedding their secret identities for normal lives.  Some heroes joined a government agency called Alpha Team.  They handle the most heinous crimes.

A recently found artifact, turning up during a research expedition threatens that peace.  With no earlier notice, Alpha Team is caught off guard.  This could be the end of everything the heroes have worked so hard to prevent.

With all the heroes gone, will someone come forward to meet the challenges?  Will they have enough power to stop it?  You will only find out in the pages of Headliners.


Kevin Strieter - Owner and Penciler.

Cristian Docolomansky - Headliners Inker

Aurelio Alfanso - Headliners Colorist